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2023 Volunteers

The 2023 Point Loma Summer Concerts are planned, organized
and staffed by community volunteers, with leadership from the
Concert Board:


2023 Concerts Board of Directors

Kerri De Rosier, Chair
Julie Chan, Secretary
Prentice St. Clair, Treasurer; 
Director, Volunteer Recruitment

Clint Bruce, Director, Main Stage

DJ Villegas, Director, Junior Stage

Steve Ravellette, Director, Security

Kristin Gohlke, Director, Sponsor Relations

Deja Correia, Co-director, Sponsors

Karla Lapic, Co-director, Sponsors
Eleanor Snyder, Director, Event Production
   (Stage, Sound & Lighting)/Field Manager

Rich Stakelum, Director, Administration

Bill Klees, Director, Community Liaison
   (PLL, Lions Club and Rec. Council)

Rice Enright, Director of Logistics

Members at Large:

Dave De Rosier, Emcee/Field Setup

Jose de la Garza, Volunteer at Large

Carolyn Bick, Gifts and Grants


Bridget Wear - Founder and Past Chair
Pat Baker, Lee Lipsey, and Martha Phillips - Past Chairs

Point Loma Civic & Service Club Collaboration: We work with many volunteers from civic groups and service organizations, including Point Loma Association, Peninsula Lions Club, Point Loma Rotary, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, and MADCAPS. We welcome individual volunteers from the community-at-large.

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