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Perform on the Jr. Stage

2023 Auditions - Saturday, April 29, 2023 from 10am - 4pm  

Point Loma Assembly Hall, 3035 Talbot St.

OPTIONS: Sing Patriotic Song (All Ages); Play on Jr. Stage (High school age and under);

Junior Stage Emcee (High school age and under)

Apply now (Must live, work or go to Pt. Loma School)

Point Loma Summer Concerts Junior Stage

The Junior Stage is a venue to showcase local Point Loma talent. 


The Junior Stage offers three different ways to participate: Junior Emcee, Junior Band and Patriotic Singer(s). The majority of the band members who perform on the Junior Stage are required to live, attend school or work in the Peninsula area.

The first two, Junior Emcee and Junior Band, are open to children and young adults, K through 12th grade. The Patriotic Singer opportunity is open to individuals or groups of any age. Singer(s) must audition and sing the same song from the approved song list (sent to you after registration).

AUDITIONS: Saturday, April 29, 2023
from 10am - 4pm


Auditions for all three categories are held in the spring at the Point Loma Assembly, located at 3035 Talbot Street, San Diego, CA  92106. To audition, please fill out the form below and we will get you scheduled.


Junior Emcee

The Junior Emcee is responsible for welcoming the audience to the event, thanking some of the sponsors and introducing the Junior Band. Serving as the emcee is a great introduction to being on stage before a large audience. The emcee spends about two minutes on stage with a pre-written script, which can be referred to while on stage.


Junior Band

The Junior Band can range from a rock to a country band to an a cappella group and everything in between. Junior Bands play a 45-minute set on the same stage as the concert headliners, giving the groups valuable stage experience in front of a large audience. We encourage bands to include multiple members; we want as many people as possible to share the experience.


Patriotic Singer(s)

The Patriotic Singer(s) takes the stage just before the headliner band. The Patriotic Singer can range from a soloist singing with a recorded accompaniment to a large choir group. We’ve even had a young lady on an accordion! The singer(s) must audition and sing the same song from the approved song list which will be sent to you after registration.


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